Friday, January 21, 2011

Elmer's Crocheted Wrap

I was trying out a new crochet stitch last week that looks like raised rows. I finished a rectangle of 15" x 5" then joined it together to form this wrap that now fits my garden gnome, Elmer.   Doesn't he look warm? :)  This wrap can be easily adjusted to fit other dolls, or even for an adult person.

Okay, so here's what I did.

Ch 48 (or whatever size you want to make)
Turn  and hdc to the back loop only in 2nd ch from hook to the end of row.
Ch 2 and hdc to the back loop only til end of row.  Repeat til rectangle reaches 5" (or however size you want).
Lastly, join the short edge of one side to the end of the long edge of the other side using a sc.  See the diagram below.  The red lines are edges I mention.  

So that's it. This wrap is easily adjustable.  I'm thinking of making one for me for camping because it looks so warm on Elmer.  To catch Elmer's adventures, visit


Anonymous said...

Ha!! I Love it!!!

Fe said...

@Trojanlily: Thanks! :)

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