Sunday, February 20, 2011

Head Huggers Donation

If you've been following this blog for the past couple of months, you're probably aware of the pledge I made back in the end of November to make 10 caps to be donated to the Head Huggers organization. I was joined with this pledge with my friend Shoeabob83 who also pledged 10 caps, and my friend LadyAero who also pledged to make some caps. I'm proud to say that we all met our goals and have sent our caps to Head Huggers. Here are all the caps that were sent off.

LadyAero's Caps.

Shoeabob83's Caps.

And my caps.

For a grand total of 27 caps.   

I received an email from Sue (from the Head Huggers organization) just this past Friday.  She received that caps and are sending some of the caps to a cancer treatment center in NY and the rest to a maternity home, also in NY.  I'm so proud of our accomplishment and am very glad to hear that the caps will be keeping heads warm very soon.  Kudos to LadyAero, Shoeabob83, and also to the Head Huggers organization.  This officially closes our (hopefully annual) beanie pledges to Head Huggers. (note to self: need a catchy name for these pledges if they're gonna be an annual event).

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Emily said...

Yay for cozy heads (and hearts)!

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