Saturday, April 2, 2011

And the Winner is... (Nylon Flower Book Giveaway)

It's so sad to see National Craft Month go.  :(  Good thing it comes around again next year.

First off, thanks very much for entering the giveaway contest.  I want to try to have more of these contest, so I hope you come back and join on the future giveaways.

Okay, so I used to pick a winner of the nylon flower giveaway.  The number assigned to the person corresponds to the comment number of your entry.  For instance, first comment of the blog post, will be entry #1, etc.

I will be contacting the winner soon for an address to mail your prize to. The winner will be getting the Nylon flower book, as well as a few nylons to get you started.

Without further ado, the WINNER IS:

Adriana.  :)  Congratulations and enjoy learning how to create beautiful nylon flowers.  I'll be emailing you soon.

Now for some additional giveaway news.  :)  I'm adding a bit of a change on how Rad Linc Crafts will be counting entries for future giveaways.  I wanted a way to have a bit more competition, as well as give readers a way to have more than one entry.  So, from now on, I will be adding the entries of the previous giveaway (just the one, not all past giveaways) to the next giveaway.  For instance, on my next giveaway contest, I will include the entries from this post automatically as entries on that giveaway.  If you've entered here, and enter again on the next giveaway, you will have two entries counted for the next giveaway.  Makes sense?

The next giveaway is set to happen in July.  Stay tuned for more information about that giveaway.

Thanks again for entering the contest, and thanks always for reading Rad Linc Crafts.  On to new adventures in the crafting world. :)

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