Monday, August 1, 2011

Winner announced: July's Giveaway, Part One

Happy August, peeps!  I can't believe how fast this past month, let alone the past 7 months have gone.  As the last month lies behind us, so does part one of July's giveaway.  However, don't forget about part two of July's giveaway: the Zoo Amigurumi book.  Those of you who have entered in the Tea wallet giveaway have been automatically entered to win the Zoo Amigurumi book.  You can improve your chances by entering again thru the Zoo Amigurumi Giveaway post (giving you 2 chances for the book).

Okay, so for starters, I listed all the names of the previous (nylon flower book) giveaway, and then listed the names of all that entered in this giveaway, and put numbers by each name.  Then, I used to pick the winner.  Here's the list of names, and the screen scrape of the randomizer.

Congratulations to JennieVTurner, who has won the tea bag wallet and the $10 giftcard. Yay! Enjoy the wallet and giftcard. Please comment on this page with the same google profile that you used to enter. Include your email address or twitter, or some way I can contact you to get your mailing information.  I can remove the comment afterwards. Thanks.

Thanks to all that has entered this giveaway.  Again, don't forget about the next giveaway. :)  There's still time to enter.  Just visit the giveaway post and make a comment. :)

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JennieVTurner said...

Yay! I'm so excited. You can contact me through my twitter account (and you can leave this comment up)

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