Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tears of Joy Packets

People cry at weddings.  It's just a fact.  For this reason, for our wedding I created these small packets called Tears of Joy.  It's a super simple packet that adds a personal touch to the wedding with very low cost.

Here's what you need:
- Clear Plastic Treat bags (6" x 4.5")
- Travel size tissue packs
- Sticker or printed label (with double sticky tape -- I used repositionable double sticky scrap booking tape, but regular double sticky should work fine).

Here's how to assemble the packets:
1.  Fill each treat bag with 2 tissues from the travel pack.
2.  Fold down the top end twice so the fold makes it somewhere in the middle of the tissue.
3.  Use a sticker or double sticky tape with label to seal it closed.

So, really that's all there is to it.
For the labels, I printed them on cardstock.  You can also use those Avery sticker labels that can be printed on, or maybe those Hershey Kiss stickers that you can print on.

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