Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Fish

Hi all,

This morning, I went to feed my fish and I saw a baby platy swimming around. It's all very surprising that this guy survived the big tank of predators. But it did. This baby was up against

  • 5 tiger barbs,

  • 2 cory doras,

  • 1 plecostamus,

  • 4 danios,

  • 1 neon (the lonely neon was what was left of about 2 dozen that we had),

  • 1 clown loach,

  • 1 platy (we had half a dozen of these guys) and

  • 6 black skirt tetras.

Because all but the tiger barbs are classified as community fish, I'm almost certain the tiger barbs are the culprits of not only the neons, but this lone baby's brothers and sisters. Then again, these babies are so tiny, the other fish could have eaten them too. Grrr! I've gotta do something about that.

Anyway, I'm still excited to see this baby fish swimming around. :-) Once I'm able to get a decent picture of him/her I'll update this post.

Update: Here s/he is!

Update: 10-5-08

It's a girl. :-) I just looked today, and it looks like the bottom fin fans out, which means that the baby platy is a female. Oh, and by the way, she's alive. :-) She's actually getting braver, in that she's coming out of the plants and into the open a little more now.

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