Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Museum Day: This Saturday!

This Saturday, September 27th is Museum Day. Museum Day is an event that is sponsored by the Smithsonian allows free general admission to hundreds of museums and cultural venues nationwide.
Check it out in this website. You can find info on which museums are participating and fill up the admissions card for your free admission. :-) We plan on going to Chabot Space and Science Center this Saturday.

Update [Sept. 28, 2008]:
We spent the evening yesterday at Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, CA. A lot of the exhibits were too kid based for us to really enjoy, but there was still quite a few to see. Our favorite exhibit was a show in their planetarium called Search for Life. The experience was just amazing, the visuals almost felt 3D on the curved screen. The next best exhibits were the telescopes. They were set up around 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm for daytime and nighttime viewing respectively. During the daytime viewing, we were able to see Venus and the sun (thru special filters). During the nighttime viewing we saw Jupiter and several of it's moons, a star cluster (M-15) that was 30,000 light years away, and a nebular ring (explained as the death a star). We also learned about a telescope maker's workshop that sounded really interesting (they meet every Friday evening).

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday evening... and the price was definitely right. :-) It's also reignited my interest in the universe and all of it's glory. I think I'll be saving up for a telescope soon. :-)

All in all, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday evening.

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