Monday, September 29, 2008

Simple Knitting Loom Scarf

With Christmas time only a couple of months away, what better time to start making your homemade gifts whether it be for Christmas or for birthday, or just because.

This is a simple project that will be well appreciated during the cold winter months. The pattern is from the Knifty Knitters Assorted Looms book. I'm using the long pink loom for this scarf & will am holding 2 yarns thru out the project. You can also make the scarf by holding only one yarn. 2 yarns gives a thicker, warmer scarf, whereas the 1 yarn is a nice light scarf.

First start by tying down the yarn to the holding peg onto the side of the knitting loom. Leave a nice long tail (maybe 12 to 18 inches) to crochet the beginning of the scarf off (it just looks cleaner that way).

Next, cast on, starting by skipping the first pairless peg and going back and forth till you reach the desired width of the scarf (Remember that this is stretched out a bit as it is). Cast onto an even number of pegs.

Next is the tricky part, turning. Once you've reached the desired width you will turn. You're going to follow the zig-zag pattern from the previous cast on. This means that the turning peg will only have one cast on. This will be true each time you turn.

Pull over the bottom cast on, above the peg on each peg with 2 cast ons. (And you're knitting, isn't it great?) Once you've pulled over all the pegs, turn and cast on again, then knit again. You'll repeat this til you've reached the desired length for the scarf.

Once you've reached the length, you're ready to finish off the scarf and clean up the ends. Here you'll need a crochet hook, use one possibly a bit bigger than the yarn recommendation, or be prepared to crochet somewhat loose.

First you should crochet off from the loom. To do this, you'll unhook the yarn in the first peg and put it on the crochet hook. Next, remove the yarn on the next peg, and place it onto the crochet hook, and pull it thru the first loop in the crochet hook. Continue thru til you're at the end, then cut the yarn and pull the tail thru the last loop on the crochet hook.

For the tail that was left in the beginning you're going to use a single crochet along the edge. First pull a part of the tail thru the first loop (nearest the tail). Then, single crochet along the end.
Here's one that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

That's it. Enjoy your scarf, or enjoy giving your scarf away. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new at loom knitting and I
just so happen to be making a scarf
today, thanks for the how-to blog.
It really helped !!!

Fe said...

You're very welcome, I'm glad it helped. I hope to post more knifty knitter projects in the future. :-)

Fe said...

just posted another loom project: slipper socks. Click here to go to my posts labeled loom knits.

Stephanie said...

have you ever made a blanket using the rectangular loom? ive been making scarves on that loom and they turned out great. Now to tackle making a blanket. Some advice on making a simple blanket would be appreciated.

Fe said...

@Stephanie - I have not made a blanket with the rectangular loom yet. It's on my "to do" list. From what I understand, however, is that all you would do is make several panels (like scarves), and crochet the sides together to bind them. Here's one that just hand sews the sides together.

Good luck with your blanket. We'd love to hear how it turns out. Also, thanks for visiting my blog. :)

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