Sunday, September 14, 2008

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Friday, September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. We decided to celebrate it a week early, and made it a part of our weekend adventure. To celebrate we watched all three Pirates of the Carribean movies, and enjoyed good comfort foods like golden nuggets (chicken nuggets), fish and chips, flavored popcorn, and Parrot Bay Sunrises (coconut rum, orange juice, and cranberry juice) while wearing little pirate eye patchs. (note: we didn't cover our eye during the movies, that would just be silly. ) ;-) It was great fun. Almost can't wait til next Talk like a Pirate Day, Aye! I be catchin' up on me pirate talk til then... Arr! (hehe... definitely gotta work on that).

It's nice to celebrate those silly "holidays" once in a while. So, I hope you get to enjoy a good talk like a pirate day even if you don't celebrate it on September 19th.

Updated[9/22/08]: Founds some new links that might be helpful next year.

Talk like a pirate translator

Make a treasure map

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