Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pop-up Piggy Card

Today, Sunday, October 12th, my cousin's company is celebrating their 1st Anniversary. Her company, Chicharon Adventures, is a T-shirt company geared towards embracing and expressing diversity and culture. As their name may suggest, the company's logo happens to be a pig with an X on the forehead (Chicharon = pork rinds = pig).

To commemorate the event and the company's success as well as blessings of continued success, I decided to make her a card, and what more enjoyable than a pop-up card. I started with a design from this site: , one that I listed on my World Card Making Day post. The design was listed as their Happy Chinese New Year Pig Card... close enough. :-) After making the card as shown on their website, I decided to morph the Happy New Year Pig to the Chicharon Adventures pig. It worked out pretty well... above is the outcome. I also packaged it up with a nice ribbon as shown below. The pink card is where I held the message, as I was afraid I'd mess up the card by writing in it.


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