Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reusable Sandwich Wrap

I ran into this idea a long time ago... (maybe mid last year), and have wanted to try it out since. The idea is that you'd save the paper towels that you'd usually wrap your sandwich in by using and reusing this instead. When you've eaten your sandwich, that side can be easily wiped clean and/or washed with a sponge, and it's ready for use again. Oh, and it can also be used as a placemat. Just nifty!

So, here's how I did it. First off, I tried to diagram the shape for you guys. If you're curious, I used Inkscape, an open source vector drawing program that I just recently discovered. Pretty cool, and the price is right. :-)

Diagram is not to scale but should give you a good idea, should you want to give this a shot.


Velcro (small strip of maybe 2"-3" long)
Vinyl fabric with flannel backing - like those table cloths.
Cotton fabric of your choosing

How to:

1. Cut vinyl fabric and cotton fabric like the diagram. I put the diagram onto an open paper bag then traced the diagram to the fabrics.

2. On the right side of the cotton fabric, sew on the fuzzy side of the velcro, positioned as shown. (I sewn this on the bottom area of the fabric)

3. On the right side of the vinyl, sew the prickily side of the velcro, as shown. (I sewn this on the top area of the fabric)

4. Pin the two fabrics together with right sides facing each other. The velco should be on opposite sides as well (one on top and on the bottom)

5. Sew around the whole thing, leaving a decent size hole for you to invert the whole fabric. It's very important to make the gap big enough for the next step.

6. Invert the whole thing so right side is out. Be extra careful here because the vinyl can be easily torn. Clean up the edges using a capped pen, or something like it.

7. Fold in the opening so that side is nice and straight, and sew all the way around the whole pattern.

That's it. You're done. Wipe it up, make your sandwich, and wrap it as shown. Mmmm... PB&J, my favorite.

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Captain Monkeypants said...

This is a brilliant idea! I think I'd want to make a sandwich for lunch just so I can use one of these. You are positivily brilliant in your craftiness. I am SO going to make one of these!

Fe said...

Thanks Captain Monkeypants. I can't take all the credit since I did see it on the web a while back, but thanks. I'd love to hear how yours comes out. :-)

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