Saturday, June 6, 2009

Making a Boomerang

Since I was young I've always wondered about how a boomerang worked but I never thought to look into actually making my own. My wondering was short lived and I was distracted enough by the next shiny object to never actually look into the "how". Recently, however, I was looking for the next cool project to try and thought hmmm... boomerang. Well, long story short, I found a website called who had easy to follow plans for boomerangs. So, I followed them. :-) It's actually pretty simple to do if you don't get into the engineering of making it perfect. I tried it a couple of times at the park and was happy enough to see it curve back towards me. I made a few more changes to try to get it to curve closer back to me. (I plan to test that out really soon).

At any rate, I followed pretty closely to the website with the exception of the airfoil not being as nice as the one shown (but that's due to impatience). did such a good job in explaining and showing the tutorial of it all that I don't think I can do any better of a job, so I'm just going to share my pictures. :-)

Just a small note: I bought the wood at Michaels and seem to be able to get at least two boomerangs out of it and I used my scroll saw to cut it to shape before using an power sander to sand the airfoils down.

I'm hoping to test this out and take a video of the throws. Once I have one, I'll try to post it.

Good Luck in making your own boomerang, and do be careful as they do tend to come back after thrown -- don't forget to duck! ;-)

[Update: 6-7-09] I tried it out and it comes back -- for the most part. There seems to be a bit of a learning curve to get it to come back fully. Anyway, I tried to capture a video of the throws but I kept losing the boomerang on my camera (small digital cameras don't work very well when you're trying to track a small light colored boomerang in the sky). Oh well.


cokoy said...

boomerangs come back? what!?

good times with that website. two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Fe said...

LOL. Yeah, you can get into worlds of trouble with that website. :-)

Dot said...

cool idea!

thanks for stopping by Dabbled and your nice comments on my cake!

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