Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Loom Knit Beanies with a Visor

A long time ago, I saw a knitted beanie with a visor featured on one of the RSS feeds I subscribe to. I thought I starred it, but I can't find it. Oh well. Anyway, I ended up googling it and I found that a lot of people were looking for it too. Also, the ones I did find, seemed to be for regular knitting, of which I haven't really gotten a hang of. So, I decided to get the general concept and make my own with a loom.

Here's how I did it.

Materials and tools:

- Knifty Knitter Round Loom (whatever size you want, tho my template was only tested on the green one)
- Yarn (I like the thick wool ease ones)
- This template
- dense cardboard (like the one you find in the back of a notebook)

1. Print out the template and cut it out, then draw that shape onto the notebook cardboard and cut that out.

2. Begin creating the hat just like a regular beanie. Here's a link to a previous post, where I explain how it's done.  Continue til you're going to fold up the brim (just before Step #6.)  The length of step 5 will depend on how wide the template.  The template's width is about 1.5" so you'll want the brim (pre-folded) to be a bit larger than 3" (the additional length is to accommodate for the fold).

3.  Fold up half of the brim, and place the cut out template on the unfolded half.  Continue folding the brim with the cutout within the folded brim.

4.  Continue making the hat following the rest of the directions from the previous post.

5.  Once you've finished off closing the hat, the last thing to do is to slowly turn the brim so that the big curve is on the bottom edge of the brim.

Easy, isn't it? 

Reference: Easy Loom Knit Beanies


Photography By Teresa said...

When you fold the cardboard into the brim, do you do the brim like a normal hat by bringing up all the loops or do you start taking loops out of the fold when you fold the cardboard into the brim? I am not sure I am doing it right!

Fe said...

Hi Teresa,
Yes, you would do the brim like a normal hat. The cardboard will seem like it's wrongly placed at first, but once you have the brim connected, and maybe have a few additional rows done (for room), you should be able to turn the cardboard within the brim to its proper place. :-)

Thanks for visiting, and good luck on the hat. Let me know if you have other questions. I'd love to see it/share the picture when it's done.

Photography By Teresa said...

I guess I am still confused. I did my hat like you said tonight and got half way done but my brim still didnt look right....is there a way you can do a video or take extra photos to show or something...maybe I am just having a "dumb" moment since it is so late...lol.
I will try again in the morning.
I guess what is confusing me is your step #3 Fold up half of the brim, and place the cut out template on the unfolded half. Continue folding the brim with the cutout within the folded brim.

Like I said...I will try again in the morning when I am not tired and can think better!

Fe said...

lol, no worries. I sometimes speak my own kind of slang where noone understands me. I unfortunately do not have videos or extra photos right now.

Before you turn the cardboard, your hat should look similar to first photo in the 6 part image, where the bigger curve of the cardboard (outer part), is against the connected part of the brim.

What you want to do is flip the cardboard so that the bigger curve (outer) is against the folded part of the brim. I'm not sure if that's the part that is confusing.

Oh, I guess on my tutorial, I turned the cardboard over at the end of the process. Really, it can be done anytime after the brim is connected and you have enough room to flip the cardboard.

I hope that clears it up a bit. Let me know if you're still having problems. (feel free to email me, if email exchange is easier ftcanon@gmail.com)

Photography By Teresa said...

I will get to the part of the brim and take photos and you tell me what is correct LOL...that may be easier!

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