Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Super Easy Wooden Clothspin Gift Tags

Here's another option for fancy homemade gift tags.  It takes a bit more time to make than my fabric gift tags but it really brings out the individuality of each gift.  With some precut wooden shapes from Michael's and some wooden clothspins, you have yourself some inexpensive and super easy wooden gift tags.  So, here's how I made them.

 - precut wooden shapes from Michael's
 - clothspin
 - tacky glue (or wood glue, whatever you have on hand).
 - various paints for paint wood  and a paint brush.
 - Sharpie pen to write the name.  You can paint it on too, but I'm just not that talented. :-)

Preferably you'll want to pick shapes that will cover the clothspin completely.  I've played around with shortening the cloths pin by just cutting of a small amount of each side, but really, it's just easier to pick different shapes.  You might get away with cutting just one side (the one that's getting glued to the wooden shape) - but I haven't tried it (if you try it, please let me know how it goes).

1.  Put a small amount of glue onto one side of the cloths pin, as shown and glue it onto the back of the wooden shape. You'll know which side the back is by where the sticker was located and let me tell you, those stickers do not like coming off. I'm just saying.  If you're wooden shape isn't completely flat, you might need to clamp it down some way while the glue dries.  I just used a hair tie to hold it in place.  Just let it dry now.

2.  Once it's dry, you can remove the clamp, and clip it onto somewhere.  It sure does make it handy to paint.  Paint to your liking.


3.  Write in the name and clip to gift.

Gosh, I have more pictures than I do steps.  See I told you it was easy.

Happy Gifting!

(oh, and yeah, I do realize that Christmas is two months away. :-)  but if someone can request my Christmas wishlist this early, I can start posting Christmas crafts this early. hehe.  Besides, those two months go by fast.)


Anonymous said...

These are perfect for the kids to do. Thanks!!!

Fe said...

Awesome. Let me know how it goes. :-)
Thanks for reading/following.

Captain Monkeypants said...

I love these! Do you think I can use Elmer's glue? I never know whether those specialized glues are better than plain old school glue... I bet you can make fairly simple decorations from these too- good idea, RadLinc crafts!

Fe said...

I think Elmer glue might work. You'd have to check if it works for wood. My logic for that glue probably working is that it works for paper bonds, and paper is from wood... so voila. hehe. I'm just not sure how strong the hold will be. If you try it, let me know how it goes.
Thanks for reading/following. :-)

Ginger said...

What a wonderful idea with clothespins!
Loved your blog !

Fe said...

Glad you like the project. :-) Thanks very much for the wonderful complement, and thanks for visiting.

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