Sunday, November 29, 2009

Looking Back at Thanksgiving 2009

With Thanksgiving done, conferences done, and home improvement projects nearly done, I am hoping to have more fun to share coming up.  I wanna start out with some pictures from this year's thanksgiving. :-).

We actually did a decent job in spacing out the appetizers and the dinner, which let us enjoy both the dinner and the appetizers without feeling way too stuffed. We started out with appetizers at 2:30ish and actually ate dinner close to 8:00.  Here's some of the appetizers (I apologize for the apple pie that made the pictures, oops, we didn't really have that for an appetizer). Starting with the top left and going clockwise: homemade lemoncello, baked crab rangoon, smoked salmon rollups,  bacon and onion quiche, cocktail shrimp, apple pie and in the center, homemade no knead bread.

Here's the table setting.  I made the table runner (not really showing), and the napkin rings, which I'll share the tutorials to very soon.

Here's what was for dinner. Starting left to right, and top to bottom, pumpkin roll, deep fried turkey, mac and cheese, bread, grilled asparagus, bbq pork skewers, mashed potatoes and gravy, apple cranberry stuffing, quinoa with butternut squash, bacon and walnuts, coleslaw, and last of all a slice of the pumpkin roll.

That was it.  Thanksgiving is always a fun time with the family and really let's us take in what we are grateful for, especially the food. :-)  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend... Let the holidays truly begin.

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Captain Monkeypants said...

This looks amazing! So much food. You're WAY better at plating and table decorating than me- this looks awesome! This year, however, I did make a time table ala "Dinner Impossible" and think I've found a new hobby- planning meals. So much fun. Great job, as usual- it looks delicious!

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