Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Planning for Thanksgiving 2009

Hi all!  It sure has been a while since I posted anything.  Sorry about that, but it's definitely been a busy month.  Anyway, last weekend I finally gotten around to "finalizing" the Thanksgiving menu for this year.  Finalizing is in quotes because, it seems like it's never quite finalized... something always gets added or changed last minute.

Anyway, here's what I have.  This year I did my searches in old magazines, so I haven't found the links to all of these yet, but once I find them I'll update the list.

Thanksgiving Menu 2009

Cocktail Shirmp
Baked Crab Rangoons
Spinach Dip + bread + chips
Quiche (bacon and onion, jalapeno)

Deep Fried Turkey

Mashed Potatoes
Mac and Cheese
Cole Slaw
Quinoa with Butternut squash, Bacon, and Walnuts
(or asparagus rice pilaf)
BBQ Pork Skewers (?)
Steamed California Blend Veggies (Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower)
No Knead Bread

Apple Pie (?) -- got some apples so why not... right? 
Pumpkin Roll (?) -- depending on availability of pumpkin (I heard there was a shortage eeek!)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - probably just going to pick up a Dreyers unless any of you have a good suggestion for this.

I was definitely much more prepared for thanksgiving last year... luckily the same general time line will work this time around.

What are you cooking for thanksgiving?


Captain Monkeypants said...

This sounds delicious! Do you have a recipe for the Quinoa? That sounds awesome. Then again, this whole things sounds unbelievably good? We're making the standard Thanksgiving trimmings but I think I'm going to attempt to do some roasted root vegetables and a soup for a starter....I don't know though, I think I might come to yours for the holidays! :)

Ladyaero said...

We're having dinner at my folk's house (their first Thanksgiving there) and I have been placed in charge of baking. There will be Cherry Pie (an easy one to make without sugar for Bryce), Pumpkin Egg-Nog Pie and Pecan Tassies (little mini pecan tartlets). Oh, and I always carry a couple of cans of cranberry sauce with me, 'cause I can't do Thanksgiving without something cranberry-ish (there was a sad year where there was none, so now I go prepared). ;-P

Ladyaero said...

Oh, on a side (ha!) note- I was interested to see coleslaw on your side dish list, as I am eating some for breakfast right now...I have taken to making it with broccoli slaw, though (it's the insides of the stalks, not the tops, miked with a little shredded carrot and a little purple cabbage for color- I get a bag of it from over by the bagged veggies), instead of all cabbage. I can make it the night before and it is still crispy the next day- doesn't get soggy like regular coleslaw. Yummy.

Fe said...

@Capt. Monkeypants - Thanks, I just updated the post and added the link to the Quinoa recipe. Good luck with your roasted root veggies and soup, I'm sure it'll turn out excellent. (or you can totally just come by. :-)... I wanna play Guitar Hero!)

@Ladyaero - That sounds delicious. I have done my stuffing with dried cranberries in the past... I might do that again (as I just realized that I don't have any cranberry dishes). Oh... and it didn't even occur to me to make broccoli slaw this year. I've made some a couple of years ago that turned out good. hmmm... Thanks for the idea. Good luck with your deserts.

Not The Norm said...

Ya-Um! I'm makin your punkin log. Don't forget SF on December 5th! that's definitely a plan sister!!


Fe said...

@Not The Norm - Sounds like a fun trip. Can't wait. William Sonoma, here we come. ;-)

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