Friday, January 8, 2010

Reversible Square Giftbag/Purse

Happy New Year!  Thanks for being so patient with my lack of posts.  Hope this year brings you many great blessings.

A while back, my sis found came back from a shop with a cute little square bag that cinched on top.  She then tasked me with trying to figure out how to replicate it.  Anyway, I came up with this.  I think it's cute and pretty close to the original. I can see it as a nice gift bag or even a small purse. So, here's how I did it.

- 2 pieces of coordinating fabric (I used 9" x 17" but it really depends on the size of the bag you want to make)
- ribbon for the loops and ribbon to cinch the bag.
- small cardboard (depends on what size you need for the bottom)

How To:

1.  Fold one of the fabric pieces together with the right sides together (wrong-side out), and sew the edge farthest away from the fold. Repeat with the other fabric.

2.  Sew the bottom edge of the fabric (note, the importance of which edge, if the fabric has a definite direction.)

3.  Fold down the corners as show, and iron it down.  Do the same to both corners and both fabric pieces.

4.  Put the bottom sewn edge of each fabric face to face and pin together.

5.  Make a straight mark perpendicular middle sew line, where it meets from fold to fold with the length of about 4 inches. Sew on the line.  Repeat on the other side.

6. Cut a cardboard square out, about 4" x 4". (but really, cut the cardboard to the length between the sew lines as the width, and the length of the sew lines for the length of the cardboard).

7. Slide the cardboard square, in between the sew lines.

8.  Put the fabric together just past the unsewn edges of the cardboard, and sew the edge together as close to the edge as possible.. Do the same to the other unsewn edge.

When you flip over to the right side of the fabric the bottom should look like this.  Flipping on either side right side of fabric should result to the same look.


 9. Cut the 8 pieces of ribbon about 2-3" long.  These will be the loops for the bag.  It might be helpful if you fold the ribbons in half and iron them down.

10. Make 8 marks equally spaced, around the top edge of the bag. Sew each folded ribbon on the right side of one of the fabrics, with the fold of the ribbon down and using the marks as placement guidelines. (see picture)


11. Fold the top edge of both fabrics, wrong side in, about 3/4" from the edge and iron down.

12. Line up both folded edges, and pin together.

13. Sew the top edge together.


14. Thread a corresponding ribbon thru the loops.  Make a knot to tie the ribbon's ends together.  Voila, it's done.  If you have any questions feel free to comment, or email me and I'll try to answer them as I can.


Linda said...

I love this bag (almost enough to pull my sewing machine out LOL--I think I have some perfect fat quarters to use). Instead of cardboard, could I use a piece of plastic canvas and make it washable? I think this would be great for when I just want to carry my coin purse, keys, and phone on the bus.

(Glad to see a new post here and thanks for coming over and checking out my blog)

Fe said...

Hi Linda, I hadn't even thought of that. I bet you could use the plastic canvas to make it washable, however, it may make the bottom of the bag bow a little when you put things in. If you try it, let me know how it goes.

:-) Yes, the holidays got the best of me. I'm making it a new year resolution to post more this year.

Thanks for visiting. :-)

Anonymous said...

This bag is super cute!!!


Fe said...

@Trojanlily: Thanks, I'm glad you like it. :-)

Magda said...

Hello there! Just anted to let you know that I have linked you in my blog!!!

Fe said...

Hi Magda,

Thanks very much for linking to me. :-)


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