Thursday, February 11, 2010

Folded Paper Heart Note

I learned how to fold these heart notes in high school.  Tho, I never gave them to anyone, I always liked knowing how to fold them.  Anyway, I ran into a folded heart a few days ago, and decided to share a tutorial of how to fold them to you guys as a last minute Valentine's day craft.

I took pictures to do the majority of the talking.

Here goes:


1. Start out with a piece of paper.  Fold in half lengthwise, and then again, so you have the paper folded in quarters.
2. Open up the last fold, and fold top corners to the center line.
3.  Open up the whole paper, and refold with a squash fold technique.
4. Fold up one of the edges that do not fall in the main triangle area (see picture for details)
5. Open up the sheet again, and invert the folded edge into the triangle.


6.  Refold the squashed triangle.  Turn over the paper.
7.  Fold in the top side edges of the paper to the center line.
8.  Fold down the top of the triangle, into the area voided by the side folds.
9.  Turn over the paper.
10.  Fold up the triangle leaves, turn the paper back over.
11.  Fold up the bottom corners of the paper.

12. Slip the folded bottom corner into the center triangle of the heart, repeat for the other bottom corner.
13.  Fold down the top leaves in a bit of an angle so it forms the top portion of the heart.
14. Fold and Slip in the tips of those leaves into the center triangle of the heart.

I repeated the pictures for these last steps, with some lines drawn on the edges for a clearer view.  

That's it.  Now you have a heart.  You can re-open it up, write your note, and refold it.  Makes a perfect homemade special valentine's note.  (The picture on the very top of this post is the back side of the folded heart.)

For information on the nylon flower in the picture at the very top of this post, there is a helpful video to show you how to make the tulip.  The one pictured is using the same technique but on a smaller scale.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Have a wonderful weekend.

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