Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick Post: Giveaway Finds

Looking thru my Google Reader this morning, I found a couple of giveaways and I wanted to share them.

The first one is from a craft blog called Chica and Jo.  If you've ever checked out the blog links that I read, you have probably noticed Chica and Jo.  These ladies have such wonderful ideas on their blog.  You should totally check them out.  They just designed a cool craft green t-shirt, and they're giving one away.  All you have to do is comment how you craft green on their blog post before April 13th.

The second one is from a book review blog that I've started following a while ago.  The blog is called Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews.  On occasion, I randomly find blogs.  Well, I ran into this one just as she was reviewing a crochet mystery series. It peaked my interest that I started reading the books and enjoyed them.  They're easy going cozy mysteries.  Before I read Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews, I have to admit that I've never even known that there was a genre called cozy mysteries.  I'm sure glad I found that little tid bit out.  I was even more thrilled when I found out about her giveaway of cozy mystery books. Yay!  To enter, leave a comment in her blog by April 18th.  For more details on other ways to enter check out her post.

By the way, the Crochet Mystery Series are by Betty Hechtman.

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