Monday, September 13, 2010

Square Knot Friendship Bracelet

A few weekends ago, my sister, cousin, and I decided to make some friendship bracelets.  We made a couple of different kinds including the knot friendship bracelet that I blogged about last year.  The square knot friendship bracelet is one of the types that we made.  We used cord to make these easy bracelets.  Also, we thought of a better way to hold the cords while making bracelets.

Okay, so here's how we made them.


- 2 Cords (~ 50")
- cardboard
- binder clips

How to:

1.  Holding both cords together, fold about 10" from one end.  Knot the folded ropes together as shown.  You should have 2 long cords and two short cords coming from the top knot.

2.  Binder clip the looped/folded area to one end of the cardboard.

3.  Binder clip the short cords down (position them between the two long cords).  If the cardboard is too long, and turning it also doesn't allow you to binder clip it down, you can cut the cardboard so you can binder clip it down, or perhaps tape it down with a small bit of tape.  

4.  Fold the right long cord over the middle cords and the left long cord on top of the folded cord. (as shown).

5.  Take the left cord, go below the folded right cord, under the middle cords, and thru the fold created by the right. (as shown, I use folded post its to show which is above and which is below - HTH).  Slowly pull the two long cords to the top knot, and tighten.

6.  Make a reverse of the last knot and tighten.
7.  Continue switching sides when making knots and tightening along the way. You'll notice that this makes little nubs on one side or the other when you tighten the knots.  If you lose track of which side to start with, start on the side that the last nub is on. For instance, on the last image of this collage, the last nub is on the left, so the next knot starts with the left cord folded over.

8.  When the desired length is reached, make small knots near the bracelet on both the right and left cord, and cut near the knot (I only cut one side for the picture, oops).

Here's another version of this bracelet.  To make this twisting version, just don't switch sides, it'll naturally start twisting.

Another variation might be adding beads before knotting.  

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