Monday, October 11, 2010

Moccasins Kit from Alaska

As I mentioned in a previous post, I went to Alaska this year on a family vacation.  You can see some of the crafty sightings here.  Okay, so while I was there (I believe we were in Ketchikan),  I bought myself a souvenir... a moccasins kit.  I was thinking, "oh cool real Alaskan moccasins... me want. What? $30?  That's a lot... but moccasins would be so cool. Sold."

Sigh, sadly, that did turn out to be overpriced as I saw the same exact kit (same brand, etc) at a local Michael's for half the price.  Oh well.  Now that you know where to get them, here are some tips I learned on putting them together. :)

1st tip:  Make sure you pull the cords tight.  Going back because you ran out of lace is very annoying.

2nd tip:  If you still have to go back and re-tighten because you ran out of lace, you can use a crochet hook to pull the cord.  It just gives you a better grip of the cord.

3rd tip:  The kit comes with 5 laces.  If you're like me you'll automatically think... "Am I missing a lace?"  The answer is, you're not.  It turns out that you use two and a half laces per moccasin.   The tie at the back of the moccasin only requires a small bit of the lace, so half does fine.  It doesn't exactly explain that in the kit.

4th tip:  When you're done, you can trim the laces at the back (the laces that you cut in half).  Then put a flame to the ends of the cut laces, and this will seal the cord close.

Overall, the kit was easy to put together, but some of the instructions were a bit understated. Hope this helps if you decide to put together your own kit.  Also, I made a copy of the undone pieces, so technically I'll be able to make more (I'm thinking fleece) -- will share the results, if I try it.

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