Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beanies Update #5

Sorry about missing last week's update, we spent the day travelling.  I decided to do last week and this week's update together.  So that's what you'll see here.  Over the past two weeks I was able to make a total of 4 hats.  1 more loom knit hat, and 3 crocheted hats.  I'm also psyched to say that my friend and Rad Linc Crafts reader also knitted hats for the Head Huggers organization. Thanks LadyAero!

First, here are the 7 hats that LadyAero made for Head Huggers.

Pictured are three different styles - A few comfy stockinette stitch roll brim ones, some folded brim with thin cables, and one that is unfolded with thin cables.  Great job on the hats, LadyAero.

For my update, my first hat was another loom knit hat using the green loom with red simply soft caron yarn (holding two at the same time). 

After that hat, I got a bit more adventurous and tried a few crocheted patterns.  The first one I tried was an easy slouch hat found here:  I made a small change in the pattern. For row 14, I did the following instead:
Ch 3, 1 dc in next 2 spaces, *dc decrease in next 2 stitches, 1 dc in next 3 spaces*, continue from * to * ending with sl st in turning chain.
Here are a few pictures of it:

I also made a change in this pattern.  Instead of doing rows 6-14, I only did 6-10, then added a row of single crochets to finish it off.

Here are the pictures of those: 
 This is made of a Bernat softee chunky yarn with the color named denim.

This one was an unknown yarn I had in my bin.  I believe it's an acrylic yarn.

I met up with another friend of mine earlier today, she's the one with which I started this pledge.  Anyway, we caught up and shared our progress with each other.  She's already done with 11 hats.  So proud of her for hitting her goal of 10 hats.  Next time we meet (before we send off the hats), I'll take pictures of her hats so I can share them with all of you too. As for me, these 4 hats makes me at 8 of 10.  Woohoo.  3 more week to go and it looks like I'm gonna make my goal. 


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Hooray for hats!

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Hooray, indeed! :D

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