Monday, January 17, 2011

Spicy Garlicy Vinegar

I use vinegar a good amount at home.  Whether it's for dipping filipino lumpia, marinating meat, or dipping longanisa or bacon in.  I know, I'm a bit strange (blame my sister for introducing me to the whole bacon thing).  Here's a recipe I use to give the vinegar a nice spicy and garlicy taste.  First off, you can use pretty much whatever hot peppers you want to use, and a bonus, you're pretty much pickling the pepper, so if you want to eat it, you can do that too.  In this recipe, I use jalapeños.

What you need:
- Clean Jar
- Jalapeños(or other spicy pepper.  Labuyo peppers are great for this if you can find them).
- White Vinegar
- Garlic cloves

1.  First, start with a clean jar.  Sanitize it with boiling water is best.  
2.  Peel and halve the garlic cloves and throw them in the jar.  The amount of garlic to put in all depends on you. For starters, I'd put in enough garlic to cover the bottom of the jar (or maybe a bit more)

3.  Slice up the jalapeños, tossing the top branchy part and throw them in the jar as well.  The amount of jalapeños will also depend entirely on you.  For starters, try about 3-4 jalapeños.
4.  Fill the jar with white vinegar to about half inch from the top. 

5.  Close up the jar and put it in the fridge.  It'll be ready in a month or so.  Check on it every now and then, and enjoy.

On another note:  About a month ago, I made some jalapeno poppers.  It seemed like a waste to just toss the insides of the jalapeños, especially since that contains most of the heat.  So, I decided to experiment and put those insides in a jar and add vinegar.  It might not look pretty, but it sure is tasty.  You can always remove the jalapeño guts then add some garlic and jalapeño slices in for looks.

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