Friday, July 8, 2011

Plugged Watermelon

It definitely feels like summer out there.  We tried this a few weekends ago when it started getting warm outside. A plugged watermelon is basically a spiked watermelon.  Choose an alcohol, and marinate the watermelon with it.  I found this idea perusing thru my copy of "The Joys of Cooking."

Here's what you need:

- watermelon
- liquor (we used bacardi white rum)

It's pretty simple to do, and quite tasty, but it does take some patience.

Here's how to do it:

1.  Cut a small hole on the top of the watermelon.  You'll want your melon to stand on it's own, so how ever it's doing so when it's on the table, cut on the top of that. It's also easiest to cut a triangle, angling the inserted knife into the triangle, so you can take the "plug" off the melon.

2.  Take the plug off the melon, and put it aside.

3.  *Pour liquor into the hole made by the plug. Add enough liquor to go to the top of the hole.  Wait for it to seep in.  * Repeat between the *s as often as it takes til the liquor just doesn't seep in anymore.  It also helps to use a skewer to make a few holes thru the melon, but don't go overboard... a couple of well selected stabs and you will see the liquor seep in just a bit more.

4.  Between pours, let the watermelon stay in the fridge for at least 8 hours... 24 hours is best (and you can add more booze if you want). You can add the plug back when you no longer can put any liquor in.

5.  To serve, you can cut up the watermelon into slices, cubes, or use a melon baller, and enjoy.  You can also use this in mixed drinks and the likes.

:)  This is great for summer bbq's, but you might want to bring something else out for the kids. :)

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