Friday, July 15, 2011

Zoo Amigurumi Book Giveaway

Woohoo, I just got this giveaway book in the mail today.

The second giveaway of July is this Zoo Amigurmi Book called, "A Zoo For You: 11 Animals to Crochet" by Cindy Harris.  This fits quite nicely to what has captured my interest this year.  I've really gotten into making amigurumis recently, and want to share that interest with you by setting up this giveaway.

This book has 11 animals of easy difficulty.  It doesn't really have many pages and images of instructions, but what it has is pretty concise.  To be truthful, I haven't yet tried making one of these animals.  Maybe I'll make it a crochet-a-long one of these days.  From what I've seen tho, the instructions are easy to read and follow.  So far my favorites and the ones that I will probably try first are the giraffe, lion, and elephant followed by the tiger and hippo ( okay, I know I just named off about half the animals in the book... but, they're so cute).  Don't forget that these would make great Christmas presents... and it's about time to start thinking about that sorta stuff.

Okay, so same rules apply as before.

To enter, make a comment on this page.
The contest will run from now til August 15th 11:59pm.  
Also, if you've entered in the last giveaway (tea bag wallet + giftcard giveaway) as well as this giveaway, that gives you one chance to win the tea bag wallet + giftcard and two chances to win this book.

Okay, so good luck.  I hope to include the unicorn amigurumi soon.



Emily said...

I need to relearn what all those instructions mean and how to do them- Bryce's blanket was all DC and the hats I made were all knit...

Anonymous said...

That looks like a great book! It's just easier to ask my BFF to make me stuff :-)

JennieVTurner said...

This looks like a fun book. I have a friend who is getting into crochet, and I'm always super impressed with what she makes, so I'm trying to learn how to crochet myself, and I've already completed my first project!