Saturday, August 13, 2011

Unicorn Amigurumi: It's just Despicable.

I created this pattern a few months ago.  Fair warning tho, this is my very first pattern, and I've only made one unicorn.  But, I think it turned out pretty well... so I'm sharing it. (I'm quite proud of it!!!! )

Let me know if there are any mistakes and I can correct them.
A few quick notes:
* #sc + inc means sc in the next # sc’s, then 2 sc in the next sc * repeat all the way around.
* #sc + dec means sc in the next # sc’s, then skip one sc, and sc in the next sc * repeat all the way around.


use white yarn. Periodically stuff with polyfill.
1.  5 sc in a magic ring
2.  2 sc per stitch
3.  1 sc + inc
4.  2 sc + inc
5.  3 sc + inc
6.  4 sc + inc
7.  5 sc + inc
8.  6 sc + inc
9.  7 sc + inc
10.  8 sc + inc
11-30.  1 sc per stitch
31.  8 sc + dec
32.  7 sc + dec
33.  6 sc + dec
34.  5 sc + dec
35.  4 sc + dec
36.  3 sc + dec
37.  2 sc + dec
38.  1 sc + dec
39 … decs until the hole is closed.

Leg (make 4)

in pink yarn:
1. 5 sc in magic ring
2. 2 sc per stitch
3. 1 sc + inc
4-7.  1 per stitch (on 4th row, backloops only)
switch to white yarn:
8-12. 1 per stitch
13. 6 dc, 1 sc, 1ss , finish off.
Stuff with polyfill before attaching


use white yarn. Periodically stuff with polyfill.
1. 5 sc in magic ring
2. 2 sc per stitch
3. 1 sc + inc
4. 2 sc + inc
5. 1 sc per stitch
6. 3 sc + inc
7. 1 sc per stitch
8. 4 sc + inc
9-11. 1 sc per stitch
12. 5 sc + inc
13-15. 1 sc per stitch
switch to grey yarn.
16. 5 sc + dec
17. 4 sc + dec
18. 3 sc + dec
19. 2 sc + dec
20. 1 sc + dec
21... dec until the hole is closed

Ears (make 2)

use white yarn.
1. 4 sc in magic loop
2. 1 sc + inc
3-6. 1 per stitch
finish off leaving tail for sewing.


use white yarn.
1. Chain 15, join into a ring with ss.
2. 4 sc + inc
3. 10 dc, 10 sc, finish off with ss.
stuff with a bit of polyfill between attaching the head and the body.


use yellow yarn.
1. ch 2, 4sc into 1st ch, link back to 1st sc with ss.
2. 1 sc + inc
3. 2 sc + inc
4-8. 1 sc per stitch
finish off.
stuff with polyfill before attaching.

Eyeball (make 2)

use white yarn. Stuff with polyfill before closing.
1. 3 sc in magic ring
2. 2 sc in each
3. 1 sc in each
4... dec until the hole is closed
use black yarn.
make a french knot for the pupil.


Sew legs to the body, the dc’s of the leg is the outside side of the leg.
Sew the neck to the body.  The dc’s of the neck will attach to the top of the body.
Begin attaching small side of head to the body.  Half way through, stuff the neck with polyfill.
Sew bottom together when attaching ears to head
Sew to attach horn to head.
Sew to attach eyes to head.
Embroider a line between the white and grey yarn of the head using the pink yarn.
Attach pink yarn for the tail and for the mane of the unicorn.
Use pink felt for inside of ears and for tongue. For the tongue, I cut out a pill shape (like the tongue shape folded over), sewed it in on the fold line, add some glue and fold.

More pictures:

Enjoy ! :)  I'd love to see the creations if you guys follow this pattern. Feel free to post it on the flickr site.

Please do not reprint this pattern on your site or any other page.  Feel free to link to this page. :)


Emily said...

So cute!

Fe said...

Thanks Em. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a great pattern! What size hook did you use, though?

Fe said...

I'm not positive, but I think I used a 5.5mm hook on this. I'll verify when I get home.

Fe said...

I was incorrect, I used a 4.25mm hook for this. However, I tend to crochet loose, so you will probably be fine with a 4.5 or a 5.0 mm hook.

Amanda Van W said...

Hello! I am officially a huge fan of you for making this adorable design. I have began crocheting for the first time and this is my very first huge crochet project. I even made my own little best buddy. I made sure to take lots of pictures of my new best crochet project! Here is my post-

Fe said...

Thanks Amanda. I love your unicorn. Great job on your first huge crochet project. Thank you for sharing your unicorn on Rad Linc Crafts. :) Happy Crocheting!

Amy Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing this pattern. I just finished it for a friend of mine. :)

Fe said...

Thanks for sharing your unicorn, Amy. It looks great! Well done. I'm sure your friend will love it.

Nathalie said...

Hey:) I found your pattern on ravelry and made one little fluffy unicorn for myself. If you like you can see my results here:
I wanted to aks you, if i could translate your pattern into german for my blog. Of course i would always refer to you as the owner and link to your page. Feel free to contact me on my page if you agree. Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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