Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Winner announced: July's Giveaway, Part Two

Awesome... so it's time to announce a new winner.  The prize for this giveaway is a Zoo Amigurumi book called "A Zoo For You", featuring 11 zoo animals to learn to crochet.

I, again, listed the names of the previous giveaway's entries followed by this giveaway's entries, and used random.org to pick the winning number.

And the winning number is 1.  Congratulations to Emily.  :-)  Get your crochet hooks ready. ;)

Emily, I'll ship the book to you in the next few days. :)

Thanks to all that has entered.  I hope to have another giveaway soon, just not sure when or what quite yet. 

New projects coming soon.  Stay tuned. :)


Emily said...

Hip hip hooray! I'll try to do you proud (and post pics of my attempts)!

Fe said...

Awesome. Pictures would be much appreciated. I'm sure they will turn out great. :)

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