Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stocking Gift Card Holder

I've kinda thought that gift cards are a bit impersonal when it comes to gift giving. However, it's very convenient, and generally well accepted, so it works. This gift card holder gives a bit of personality to the gift card you give. This holder would also work well for a small gift.

1.  First create a template of the size of stocking you will be using.
2.  Fold a bit of fabric, right side together
3.  Trace your template onto the folded fabric and pin fabric together.
4.  Cut the folded fabric.
5.  You should now have two pieces of stocking shaped fabrics with right sides facing together, and pinned. Fold down (into the wrong side) the top of each fabric by about half an inch and pin (see image).

6.  For each fabric, sew down the folded top.
7.  If you've unpinned the fabrics, pin them back right side together.
8.  Sew around the stocking.
9.  Turn the stocking right side out.
10.  Put your gift card or small gift in, and give it away. :)

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