Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pledging Beanies - Year 2, Update 1

I'm off to an alright start.  Last week, I finished two hats, this week, I started one.  So 8 days in, I'm at 2.5 of 12+ complete.

Here's the progress so far.

Hat 1.  Blue and Blue Gray Acrylic Yarn with Green Loom:

Hat 2:  Blue Gray Acrylic Yarn. Crocheted Slouchy Hat.

And the progress of Hat 3: Purple Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn - Red Loom

I plan to update on the blog about every week or two.  However, I update the facebook page after each finished hat.  I also plan on sharing occasional links on the Rad Linc Crafts facebook page.

Happy Beanie Making!

More interesting posts to come soon, promise.


Anonymous said...

I'm a slaker and have only made one so far (and, to be honest, I tried a new pattern and am not real excited about how it turned out...sigh). Anyway, one down and about 1/4 through the 2nd.
(P.S. Stupid blogger won't let me post this as me...had to select anon.)

Anonymous said...

*slacker* not slaker

Fe said...

Great job, Emily. Yeah, trying new patterns can sometimes be a hit and miss. I'm sure it turned out great tho.

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