Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Easy Chalkboards

Eric and I just got engaged recently (does 2 months still count as recent?).  That being said, you'll probably see more things related to wedding stuff in Rad Linc Crafts. One of which are these little chalkboards.  We plan on using these little chalkboards for a variety of things such as a fun way to do our "Save the Date" cards, also as a prop for a photo booth, and to label things for our wedding.  Other uses for them might be a message board on a door, or a menu planning board.  The best part about them are how easy they are to make.


- Pre-cut wood shapes. (tho, if you want to cut your own shapes with a scrollsaw, I say do it!)
- chalkboard paint
- other paint for border (optional).

Here's how:

1.  Paint chalkboard paint on the wood shapes.  Let dry for a couple of hours (or an hour might be sufficient), and put on another coat.  I found that using a rag, to put the coat of paint on reduces the amount of lines left by the paint brush.  I think you might use a bit more paint, but I really wanted a smooth surface.

2.  Once the chalkboard paint is dry, paint the borders (optional).

See, I told you it was easy. :)  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pledging Beanies. Year 2, Update 2.

Hi all.  Happy New Year!

It feels like so long since I've blogged (probably because it has been, sorry).   But what can you do, life just gets in the way sometimes.  I thought it was time for another update given that there's really only a few more weeks to go to make beanies.  Unfortunately, I haven't been super productive in making beanies.  About two week before Christmas, I had a total of 4 hats ready to go.  Then, a friend saw two that she really liked for her grand-daughter, so I gave them to her.  By Christmas, I was down to 2 hats.  Since Christmas, I've done a total of 3 more hats and have another started up.   So my number is 5.5 of 12 right now.  Sigh.

Here are the hats the 3 hats that I've made since the last update:

On better news, yesterday my friend, Elaine, handed me a hat that she made for headhuggers. :)  It's a gorgeous slouch hat that will make someone very happy and warm.  A big thank you to Elaine.

Here's the hat:

Okay, to the final weeks.  Let's do this!