Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kissing Balls

Thought I'd share with you my first attempt to making silk flower kissing balls, also known as pomanders.   I plan on using these to decorate the aisle for the ceremony.

- foam ball (whatever size you want to use.  The one pictured is 4 inches)
- silk flowers (lots)
- low temp glue gun and low temp glue sticks.
- ribbon to hang up the kissing ball.

Adding ribbon:
1.  Using an exacto knife cut a small slit (about the width of the ribbon) on the foam ball.
2.  Using a screwdriver, or something flat, wedge the two ends of the ribbon into the slit.  In this case, I used two ribbons together.
3.  Using glue gun, put glue around the slit and ribbon to help secure the ribbon into the slit.

1.  Prepare the silk flowers.  We'll only use the buds, so just remove the buds from the rest of the greenery.
2.  Heat up your glue gun.
3.  Put a little glue in the bottom tip (where the greenery was) of your silk flower bud, and stick it in the foam ball.
4.  Continue sticking buds in til you can't see the foam ball.

1.  It may be helpful to draw lines that you can follow on the foam ball, particularly if you want to mix up flowers and be symmetric about it.
2.  Get more silk flowers than you think you'll need (like double the amount).  I'd check the dollar tree store, or online for the best deals.

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