Monday, March 5, 2012

Pledging Beanies - Year 2 Final Counts

I know it's been over a whole month since the Pledging Beanies are finished.  I'm finally getting around to posting the results.  For those who follow Rad Linc Crafts on facebook, you know of some of those results already.

Here are the final numbers, with some pictures. :)

Me --->  10 beanies.  My goal was 12, so I fell short a bit.  I just have to try harder next year. I did, however, sell 2 beanies to my friend, of which the money will be going to headhuggers.

My mom and sister ---> A whopping 15 from them.  Awesome job to the both of them.

Elaine --->  When my friend from my crochet group heard that I was making beanies for HeadHuggers, she decided to crochet this lovely slouch hat for me to donate.  Excellent job on the hat.  It's just beautiful, and I'm sure someone will love it and appreciate it greatly.

Alicia --->  My friend and co-conspirator from last year's pledging of beanies, joined me again this year.  She did a wonderful job finishing 10 beanies.  Picture to come soon.

That brings us to an astounding 36 hats for HeadHuggers.  I'm so amazed at this outcome.  Thanks to everyone who's joined along with this year's Pledging Beanies campaign.

By the way.... Happy National Craft Month!  More posts coming up soon. :)

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