Sunday, May 20, 2012

A short hiatus...

Hi guys.

First off, I want to apologize for my short hiatus from blogging.  The last few months have been, in short, eventful.  Starting in mid-January, my then fiance, now husband and I decided on a date and venue for our wedding -- and we decided to do it all ourselves (with help from some awesome volunteers).  I'll blog more about the wedding later.  Shortly after my dad, who has been fighting cancer for the past year, had gotten worse.  My friends and I made a few monster fighting amigurumis for him, to help fight off the cancer.  Unfortunately, sometimes God just has other plans.  My dad, the kindest, sweetest, most respected and inspiring man I've ever known, passed away at the end of March, may he rest in peace.  We passed on the monsters to help fight other cancers, and to give a bit of cheer to others.  Here's the link to the instructions for the monsters:

With all of that, plus a wedding to help plan, we were in a stressful and emotional roller-coaster.  Anyway, the wedding was last weekend, and it is done with! phew!  The wedding was a success, and we are now happily married.  My next post will be an overview of the crafty things we did with the wedding.  But I thought an explanation of my absence was necessary.  Stay tuned for the wedding post coming up. :)


Emily said...

Happy to be hosting the cancer fighting monsters- they hang in Dan's room when they're off cancer-fighting duty, making sure they're the *only* monsters in the house.

Fe said...


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