Sunday, September 23, 2012

Piñata Contest: Lego Luchador

Hi guys.  This year has just been full of one hiatus after another.  I was recently privileged to host my sister's baby shower which happened last weekend.  That was the first time I've ever hosted a baby shower... so it was exciting, and nerve-wracking, but it all turned out great.  I'll post some pictures of the baby shower soon.  This post is supposed to be about the Lego piñata that my co-worksers and I created for this year's piñata contest.  Last year, we made an Angry Bird Piñata and won People's Choice award.  This year the theme of the contest was Lucha Libre, aka Spanish Wrestlers.  Our team decided to do a Lucha Libre Lego Man.

Meet Lego Luchador, the Flying Thurderbird.

The competition was pretty tense.  Here were some of the other piñatas.

I'm pleased and honored to say that we won one of four awards presented this year.  We won one of two Judge's Choice awards. :)  Congrats to the ladies in my team for another outstanding piñata. :)

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