Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 Crafting for Charity: Blanket #2 and #3

I did it!  I took sort of the easy way out and did a couple of quick crochet around fleece blankets, but these are the last two blankets.  They are warm and soft and I hope it gives whoever receives them some comfort.

I'm preparing the package and sending it out soon to Project Linus. :)

Note to self:  Making the Crafting for charity month = to the shortest month of the year??? Maybe not such a good idea!

On to National Craft Month (March).

Happy Crafting everyone!

Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 Crafting for Charity - Blanket #1

Tomorrow is Make a Blanket Day for Project Linus.  I thought it would be a great time to update my status on my goal of 3 blankets.

I first started crocheting a blanket.  It was turning out nice and thick.  Unfortunately, I ran out of the yarn I had planned to use.  I know I could have kept on crocheting with a different yarn, or buy another yarn, but I scratched the blanket as my first and decided on making it a rug instead.  Check it out:

So, as of early this week I was at 0 of 3. :(

Luckily, I had a backup plan of an easy blanket to make using fleece.  Here it is:

It's a super simple method to make the finishing fringe.

1.  Cut the corners (I remove a 4" x 4" square from each corner )
2.  Cut strips.  I used a piece of painters tape 4 inches from the edge as a guide of how far to cut.  In this blanket I cut about 1.5" strips.
3.  After cutting the strips, snip a small hole just above the middle of each strip.  When you get to the corner, don't share the hole for the two corner strips.  IMO, it just doesn't look right.
4.  Fit the strip thru the hole from the bottom of the blanket and pull.  Now do that for each hole.

And there you have it.  Finished and super simple.  1 of 3.  I hope to create another one like this tomorrow for Make a Blanket Day.  How is your charity crafting going?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Crafting for Charity Month 2013

As you may have noticed, I didn't do the "Pledge for Beanies" this past season.  Mostly because I decided that the time of year was too busy for me to make what I could.  Upon evaluating it all, I decided  on a few changes.

1.  I will call it "Crafting for Charities Month" instead of "Pledging for Beanies."   This gives more variety on what I might do each year, as I can do Headhuggers one year and Project Linus the next.  Spread the Love, right?

2.  I decided to change the length of crafting for charities to one month instead of two.  This is more on a trial basis.  I may consider doing two non-consecutive months.

3.  The charity we will support or craft for will change from year to year (reason for name change).

4.  The Crafting for Charity month will be in February (at least this year, we'll see how it goes for next year).

With February off to it's start, I wanted to kick off the 1st Crafting for Charity month of Rad Linc Crafts.     This month, I will craft for Project Linus.  I'll be making various blankets to send to them.  I may look make some similar to the ones I've posted before.  My goal is to make at least three blankets before the month is over (February is kinda a short month).

I encourage you to join in with the crafting.  I'd love to hear who you are crafting for this month.  Feel free to send me a message (f t c a n o n AT g m a i l DOT c o m) (or you can post it on facebook) with what your crafting and I'll mention it on one of my future posts this month.

Happy Crafting for Charities. :)