Saturday, March 2, 2013

2013: Our Garden

This year we're finally attempting the garden that we have wanted to setup for a while now.  A few years ago, we had the idea of expanding our garden to cover about 1/3 of our backyard... That's about a 18' x 36' area (I think).  Well, the last few years were quite busy... and we just didn't find the time to do it.  But last fall, we finally put up our new fence (to segregate our garden from our lawn and dogs), and as of earlier this month, we cleaned it up, built some garden beds, put some weedblock down, and filled the beds with dirt.  :)

Here's a look of the garden after we put the garden beds in.  We also completely flattened the back side, and made it into a big flat in ground garden area (wasn't done yet when the picture was taken).

Even with the dangers of frost still here (...yeah, I live dangerously like that), I planted a few of the seeds outside, and also began a few trays of seeds inside.  I still have a few seeds that I recently bought and need to plant outside.

The good news is as of today, I finally saw something start germinating in the garden.  I took a picture of it, but you have to look really close at the first few leaves of my bok choy plants. :)  Exciting isn't it!

The indoor plants aren't doing too bad either.  Most of the first tray are tomatoes, the back tray are an assortment of peppers, which usually take longer to germinate.  I'd like to make a heating mat of some sort to lessen the germination waiting period one day.

Anyway, that's what's going on. :) I can't wait to share some more mature garden pictures and harvest pictures with you guys.

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