Friday, March 15, 2013

30 things for 30 years

My cousin celebrated her 30th birthday last summer.  My sis and I wanted to make her something different and something that stood out from your normal birthday gifts.  Upon browsing pinterest, I saw a pin of 30 gifts for 30 years.  I thought that would be perfect. Here's what we came up with:

We found 30 random things that we thought she would like, and we wrapped it up into a gift basket, with cellophane and a bow on top (we added a bow after the picture... sorry).  We added a card where we wrote inside all 30 gifts.

These were what was inside:

We did face some challenges:
1.  It sounds easy, but after a while it gets hard finding small random gifts.  I think the last 10 were the most difficult.
2.  We used this small sand bucket to hold all the gifts.  Lucky for me, I played a lot of tetris, I was able to get it to all fit, and not be top heavy.  Good luck to her if she ever wanted to take it out and fit it back in tho.
3.  We put small bottles of alcohol in the mix.  Ususally, this would not be an issue, however, when the party was inside a small water park, having alcohol is more than frowned upon.  Not a big deal, the weather was cool enough that I could leave it in our car without worrying about melted chocolate.

I'm happy to say that she loved the gift and all the thoughtfulness that went into it.  :)  

Overall, I'd do a gift like this again.  Hope this gives you an idea for the next birthday gift you give. :)

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