Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cold Brewed Coffee

I think this idea came up from one of the RSS feeds I read often. I did another google search recently and here's the link. Basic idea of cold brewing is to put cold water, and coffee grounds together and the flavor of the coffee work its way into the water... a process that takes overnight to complete. In the end, you get the coffee goodness that coffee shops store in a pitcher in their own fridges when they make you an iced coffee drink. This way is so much cheaper tho.

- Ground Coffee (1 cup)
- Cold Water (4 cups)
- A pitcher or container to put it in the fridge. (If you have a french press, it should work great.)
- Another container (or the same one) to store it in the fridge.
- Coffee filter

How to:

1. Add cold water into the pitcher or french press along with the coffee. Place this in the fridge all night (around 12 hours). I covered the top of the french press with saran wrap because it wouldn't fit with the french press lid.

2. After 12 hours is up, I pressed down the french press and poured the coffee into a mason jar with a coffee filter placed and screwed on top. You can actually see the stuff that the french press doesn't filter out.

That's it. Fill a glass with ice, and pour the coffee in. Enjoy your iced coffee however you like. Keep the rest in the jar in the fridge and it should last for a few days.


Kelvin Yamaguti said...

Hi Fe!
Like delicious! Unfortunately , here (in Curitiba - Brazil) is so cold!

Fe said...

Kelvin -
You should definitely try it when the warm season comes to your area. :-)

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