Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rad Linc Crafts' New Look

In anticipation for my very first blogoversary, coming up in a couple of weeks, I decided to make some change on the blog. Over the past couple of days, I've been tweaking things, here and there within the Rad Linc Crafts blog. What lies before you is the results of my recent tweaking. It feels nice to step away from the standard blogger templates, even if I only stepped a few inches away.

Some of my intentions of changing the looks of this blog was to allow for better/more inviting browsability as well as individualizing my blog to make it look more like... well, "my" blog.

You'll noticed that the right side bar is now dedicated to browsing around the blog with the "recent posts" area and the tag cloud being the predominant sections. The blog archive is still there, but with much less real estate.

You'll also notice the banner has changed from a flowery green picture to a personalized version created by yours truly :-), depicting my dogs as the inspiration of the name of this blog. You'll probably see changes occasionally as I continue to tweak the banner to my liking.

Along the left side bar, you'll notice things like my profile description, and a hand picked selection of the blogs that I read quite regularly.

So, browse around the "new" site and feel free to leave me comments on what you think. Also, I apologize in advance for possible changes in the next few weeks. Everytime I think I'm done with changes, I find one more thing I want to change.

Happy browsing, and thanks a bunch for reading!!!


Anonymous said...

I like the new format a lot! However, I am not too fond of the color scheme. :-)

C. Lo

Cokoy said...

The new format is pretty cool. I like the banner, and the general layout. Nifty.

I have to agree about the color though.... too UCLA. J/K. If it weren't for that, I'd like the color scheme. ;D

Fe said...

LOL... Alright, I didn't think blue and yellow would go over too well. What about now?

Anonymous said...

I like the green!!!

Cokoy said...

oooh.... Green is awesome! It's in my top five favorite colors. :D

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