Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reusable Sandwich Wrap #2

Way back a year or so ago, I made / posted another reusable sandwich wrap. Since then, I've looked into and came up with another design that I think is much easier to make as well as to use.  I also made the size of the wrap bigger, allowing for larger sandwiches, and actually even burritos or subs could be wrapped.

 Here's what you need:

1 - fabric for outside of wrap.(14 in x 14 in)
1 - table cloth fabric with flannel backing (14 in x 14 in)
1 - piece of elastic (~ 8 in)

Now, here's how to make it:

1.  Put the two right sides together and pin together.
2.  Sew around the fabric, leaving one corner unsewn (about 2 - 3 inches on each side of the corner).
3.  Cut the corners off of the sewn edges (up to near the sew line).  This is to give the corners a bit more room when you invert the fabric.
4.  Invert the fabric thru the unsewn corner, right side out, and fix the corners.
5.  Fold in the unsewn corner as shown below.

6.  Pin together the unsewn corner.  Slip in the both of the elastic ends in the middle, and pin down.
7.  Sew to close up the unsewn section, and to attach the elastic.  Sew back and forth when you get to the elastic to secure it better.

That's it.  You can fold it up, and keep it til it's ready to go.  See pictures to see how to wrap up a sandwich.  You can use it as a place mat while you're eating your sandwich. When you're done, you can wipe it up via a sponge and you're ready to go again. This beats all of those ziplocks and paper towels that I ended up using in the past.  And, you don't have to deal with sewing velcro.



Ladyaero said...

I bought Danny a couple of reusable sandwich wraps several years ago, but (after much use) they are about at the end of their lifespan...this might be a fun project to teach him how to sew on the machine.

Fe said...

Awesome. :) I'd love to see the wraps when you finish.

Ladyaero said...

He did it! Danny had made two wraps so far (he has material for one more)- the first one probably about half with my help and half without, the second about 90% on his own! His are a red & white check on the outside,black and white on the inside (very cool looking!). I made a few myself, with a cute green and blue "go green" and "recycle" fabric on the outside and a green, white and orange stripe on the inside (looks better than it sounds).

Fe said...

Woo Hoo. That's awesome. You guys Rock! I'm gonna set up a flickr pool for Rad Linc Crafts. I'd love to share some pictures if you guys have any. :-)

Ladyaero said...

If you tell me how to post them, I will! I have pics of Danny sewing and of the finished product. We also have everything except the seeds (going with basil) to make the plantable cards- we're going to make those to go along with a couple of pots that Danny is going to decorate for two of his Grandmas.

Fe said...

That's excellent. I'll put up a blog post once I have the flickr group set up.

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