Monday, July 5, 2010

Making Nylon Flowers, Part 2: Technique

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This continues our series of making nylon flowers.  In today's post I'm going to go thru some of the tips that I've learned along the way.

Okay, let's get on with the tips and techniques:

Wire Sizes Vs Ring Sizes Recommendations
    You may want to consider the gauge of the wire that you want to use depending on what size ring you're after.  The smaller the gauge, the thicker and stronger the wire, so these are typically used for the larger rings.  The larger the gauge, the thinner and weaker the wire, so these are typically used for the smaller rings.  The table below are just suggestions, you will be able to use thinner wires for larger rings, but the complexity of wrapping increases. 

Making The Wire Form

     - Cut wire last.  It's so much easier to get a grip of the wire if it's a good length.
     - Hold both wires when twisting for a tighter twist.
     - Consider using pliers to tighten, but don't make twist too tightly because the wire might snap, or it may be difficult to remove the wire form from the ring.
     - Give the wire handle an inch for petals (you can always trim later). This will give you extra grabbing space when you're putting the petals together.
     - Cut long wire from handle right where the twisting stops. (it just adds thickness on handle that you don't really need).

Shaping Petal Before Wrapping With Nylon
    - For leaves/petals that end up being elongated, it's actually better to elongate it before you wrap the nylon over.  If you don't the nylon might not stretch enough to the desired leaf/petal size.

Wavy Edged Petals
    - To imitate a wavy edged petal, try coiling the wire around a dowel then stretching the wire out.

Wrapping the Nylon Over the Wire Form
   - I tend to hold nylon on front and go over the form to meet in the back bottom.  Then bunch up the bottom before tying.  Do not twist the nylon.  It results in non pretty bunchiness. 
  - When you're bunching, it helps to use one hand to hold down half the petal (with nylon) and use the other hand to fix/bunch the nylon properly.  This way you can also stretch the nylon downwards to get more of a tautness.
Using the Nylon Thread
   - When using nylon thread, tying a knot is not necessary.  Wrap tightly several times (5-10 times around), pull to tear off. (or you can use scissors).  It's all magic. :D
Using the Floral Tape
   - Stretching the floral tape before wrapping around stems and handles tend to make them stickier.  

   - For an even look, consider using floral tape all the way down the stem.

Remnant Nylons
  - Save the remnant nylons because they can be used for making flower buds or for small petals on another flower.

As I think of more tips/techniques, I'll post them here.  If you know of a tip/technique you want to share, please leave a comment. We'd love to hear it.

And another Youtube video:  How to make a tulip

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Anonymous said...

any idea as to where i could purchase the nylon (other than purchasing nylons)???

Fe said...

You can buy nylons and anything else you may need/want for nylon flower making at They have really good prices too. :)

Anonymous said...

My friend intoduced me to this hobby, I was really amazed at the end result!Never new how quick I could manage to create such beautiful flowers! keep up the info!

Anonymous said...

Hi,just buying stockings at the moment,looked into was able to get every thing i needed, but to get it posted over ,it was costing me a fortune,my flowers are nice,but if i had the right material (NYLON)they would be beautiful,cos they are so easy to do.Can anyone help,im in N.Ireland.Thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm in the uk and postage from Newsheer if a fortune..... could someone tell me the thickness of the nylon I should be using?

Fe said...

I think nylon thickness, if you have a choice (newsheer only comes in one thickness, I think), would depend on what flower you are trying to make. For instance, a calla lily might use a thick nylon, where as a cosmo may be fine with a thinner nylon. Try for a nice soft nylon, dye it to the color of your choice. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hii could u Plse tell me how to check my order , I ordered some stuff last week and now wanting to check the progress ,but don't know how.

miasnana said... for supplies but the postage is dearer for the UK. Stupid I know! Newsheer charges $9 or so up to a certain value/weight then it jumps to $15 so I try to make sure that I only order up to the 1st postage rate. Roze is good if you want lots of heavy stuff as you can choose a flat rate, or just 1 or 2 items.

Anonymous said...

where is best way to sell nylonflowers? I am in Abudhabi.Ihave lot of nylonflowers. But I dont know marketing.

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