Friday, March 25, 2011

Nylon Flowers: Daffodil

Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers.  I don't know if it's the vibrant yellow color, or if it's just usually the first flower I see popup in my garden during the spring time.  It's also the flower of hope, and particularly used for the American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days program.  So, I decided to make this my newest nylon flower project to pass on to you guys.

 - #24 gold wire
 - #2 stem
 - yellow nylon
 - light green floral tape
 - nylon thread
 - stamen
 - rings (or a round with a diameter of about 1.5 inches)

1.  Cut 3 wires about 3 inches more than the length of around the ring.

2.  Holding two wires together twist together wires about 3 inches from one side.  Take the third wire, and twist it about 3 inches from the other side of one wire.  Take the two free wire ends and twist together about 3 inches from the end.  You should end up with a cone shape when you put together all the wire ends.

3. Put the wire ends together, and twist closed to form the cone shape.  You can attach it to the stem at this point, I attached it later, but either way works.  Bend the wire up and down around the opening of the cone.

4.  Open the nylon tube and place the stamen inside.  Next slide the tube in from the open part of the cone.

5.  Tie down the nylon end that meets in the closing of the cone with nylon thread.

6.  Stretch the other end of the nylon tube from inside the cone to outside to the twisted end (like shown).   Tie down with nylon thread.

7.  Make 5 petals using the #24 gold wire and the yellow nylon.  Stretch the petal wire forms before wrapping with nylon.

8.  Attach the 5 petals evenly around the cone shape of the daffodil, as shown.  Shape the petals around to have a somewhat pointy tips.

9.  Wrap the showing wires and nylon thread (under the flower) with the light green floral tape.

That's it, you have a daffodil. :)  For a few tips on making nylon flowers check out this post:



You are doing great,.keep it up dear..i am a follower now :)

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