Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pledging Beanies, Year 2

Wow, I can't believe it's already been a year since I did my "pledging beanies" campaign. Last year, I decided to make a personal goal to pledge 10 beanies for an organization called HeadHuggers.   HeadHuggers is an organization run by a very nice lady, Sue Thompson, who collects handmade beanies, and distributes them to chemo patients, burn victims, or really whoever needs them.  Last year, as I made the pledge, a few of my friends joined in and also volunteered to make beanies with me.  My campaign goes on for a full 2 months starting December 1st all the way through to January 31st.  I generally package up my hats and send them off in February.

So, in a few days, I plan to start making hats.  This year, I pledge to make 12+ beanies.  If you'd like to join in, all you need to do is make hats, and send them to headhuggers. You can post pictures of the hats you plan to send on the Rad Linc Crafts facebook page.   I plan to post updates on the hats that we make, so I can't wait to see pictures.  The beanies can be crocheted, knitted, loom knitted, or sewn.

On another notes, I think, since this is our second annual campaign for beanies, I want a new name for my pledging beanies campaign.  Any thoughts on a good name?

A special thanks to those who have pledged in the past, or who have pledged this year, to make a beanies.  :)

For more information about HeadHuggers, visit the HeadHuggers page:  http://www.headhuggers.org/


Emily said...

I'm going to try to make some this year too...I have several skeins of yarn waiting.

Fe said...

Yay!!! :)

Emily said...

Does it still count in the Beanie Pledge if I give the hats to the Kaiser or Stanford cancer centers that we're going to, instead of through HeadHuggers?

Fe said...

It totally counts. :) We're in it to help people and keep heads warm.

frydzz said...

I'm gonna make some this year too...now that I know how. Haha

Fe said...

Yay!!! :) check out: http://radlinccrafts.blogspot.com/2009/02/easy-loom-knit-beanies.html for a reminder.

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