Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nylon Flower Daisy

Here's a really simple nylon flower to make.  I used these nylon flower daisies for the flower pens at our reception.

What you need:
- nylon
- stamens
- #24 wire
- #4 ring (or whatever size you want, really).
- stem wire
- nylon thread
- floral tape
optional:  if you want to attach a leaf, you'll also need some green nylon and green wire.  (instructions for leaf are not included in this post)

Okay, so let's get started.

How to:
For tips and techniques on Nylon Flower making, check out my post here.

1.  Wrap the #24 wire around the #4 ring, and twist together where wires meet.  Cut the wire so you have a wire petal handle of about an inch.  Make 7 petal rings using the #4 ring (or a different size, if  you prefer).

2.  Daisies are known for their long petals.  You can elongate all of the petal rings but holding them all together, and squeezing the wires to form a nice long petal.  Holding them all together also gives you more uniform petals throughout the flower.

3.  Wrap the petal rings with nylon, and secure with the nylon thread.  If you want a thicker look and feel, you can wrap the petal twice.

4.  Grab some double ended stamens and fold them in half.  Use some nylon thread to attach the stamens to the end of a stem wire, with the stamen ends above the stem wire so that the stem wire is not showing.

5.  Attach the wrapped petals around the stamens evenly with nylon thread one by one.  It may help to bend down the petals a bit after the first petal is put down.  Remember to try to keep the tie line the same as you attach the petals.  Also, you don't have to cut the nylon thread between each petal, you can continue to wrap around a few times, attach a petal and wrap around a few more times.  After all the petals are attached, wrap the nylon thread several more times up and down the petal handles to secure it more to the stem.

6.  Once all the petals are attached to the stem, you can cover up the petal handles and the nylon thread with floral tape.  Remember to stretch the tape as  you go to let it get sticky.  Wrap the floral tape down the stem.  If you have a petal to put in, you can attach it at this time (as you wrap the floral tape down).

7.  Gently fold down the petals to open up the flower.  You can and a slight bend down the middle of each petal to add more dimension to the flower.  You can also bend the stem wire a bit so the flower is front facing instead of facing straight up.

That's it.  Super simple flower to make.  You can add more stamens in the center and make the petals larger if you want a larger flower.  Because these were going to go on top of pens, I didn't make them too  large.  Have fun.

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