Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fleece Rope Dog Toys #2

I was walking thru PetSmart a couple of months ago and passed by their dog toys section. I saw these fleece rope dog toys, similar to the braided ones that I posted a while back, but with a loop on one end. Anyway, two things popped into my head when I saw this; 1) “That's kinda pricey” and 2) “I can make this.” :-) And then a post was born. Luckily, I also had some fleece fabric left over from when I made some of the other Fleece Rope Dog Toys, so I gave them a try. Here's my attempt:


- Fleece strips – I used 3 - 4” strips from selvage to selvage – I like to use different colors for each strip.

- A clip of some sort to hold the fleece strips in place while braiding – I used an Ikea chip clip.

How To:

1. Stack all three fleece strips together, and use the clip to clip it about a third of the way down.

2. Begin braiding the longer part (the two-thirds length side) until the unbraided length matches the length of the clipped third portion. (Note: I use thirds, but you can change this up a bit.)

3. Unclip the clipped portion and group together the like-fabrics. (assuming you used different designs/colors).

4. Braid the 3 groups of fleece together til about 6 inches from the bottom.

5. Make a knot and cut the ends so they're even.

That's it. I made several of these in less than an hour and gave them as christmas gifts to all my friend's doggies.

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Ginger said...

What a wonderful gift for your dog!
Thank you so much for sharing your dog toy with all of us!

Fe said...

You're welcome. My dogs just love them, I hope yours do as well.

dog breeders said...

You certainly did a great job making it! What is the price difference between buying them and making them yourself? I made a Christmas dog toys list, but who needs to buy gifts if you can just make them yourself!

Fe said...

A quick cost analysis leads me to a savings of about $4 bucks per toy. Here's a similar toy at
for $5.99 (at least that was the price when I copied it in).

Here's some plain fleece fabric from Joann's (tho, remnants would make the savings even cheaper) at $4.49/yard. You'll need about 1/3 yard for each toy. So, the cost would be ~$1.50/toy.

Which leaves a savings of $6 - $1.50 = $4.50 per toy.

Plus it really is nice to add a personal touch and be able to pick the design you want.

Thanks very much for the compliment, glad you like them. :-)

Unknown said...

How did you create the loop? I can't tell from the directions or pictures. I love the idea and with a growing teenager I have lots of tee and sweat shirts I can use.

Fe said...

Hi Rita,
I start braiding about a third from one end. Then when only a third is left unbraided, I put together the unbraided ends, and braid to the end. So the loop area is single braid thickness and the rest is double braid thickness.
Hope that helps. :)

Unknown said...

These are very nice ideas. There are plenty of animals that could use these toys. Thank you for the pattern.

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