Monday, September 5, 2011

Multicolored Crayons

Years ago, on accident, I made some of these multicolored crayons.  I accidentally left a couple of crayons out in the sun, and when I got to them, they were soft, so I kinda squished them together and brought them inside.  I twisted the crayons and shaped them into sticks before they hardened back up, and thus a multicolored crayon.

This time around, I made them on purpose.

What you need:
 - broken crayons
 - silicon ice mold, or a old mini muffin pan. (I haven't tried lining with cupcake paper.  I got my mold from ikea)

Here's what you do:

1.  If the crayons aren't peeled and broken, do so. This is a good way to get more life out those tiny crayon pieces, or just go to Target or Walmart during back to school shopping and get a new package for super cheap.
2.  Place the crayons in the ice mold (don't overflow or it might pour out when it melts).
3.  Put out in the sun (or if it's not a super super hot day, try in your car, just be sure to put the mold a flat, leveled surface or the melted crayon wax may drip out.)  It'll still need to be somewhat warm so that enough heat is around to soften the crayons.

4.  Once the crayons have melted together, pull them out of the heat and bring them inside and allow the crayons to harden mostly.

5. Flip the tray over to some newspaper or something. Using the silicone, you can use the other side to push out the crayon.  If you have trouble, try putting the tray into a shallow pan of hot water for a few seconds. Make sure the water doesn't hit the top of the tray, you just want to get the outer walls of the cups to heat up and release the wax crayons, it shouldn't take long.

That's it.  Once they've cooled and hardened, you can use them as any other crayon.  This also makes great stocking stuffers for kids, just package them in a clear bag and put a ribbon around.

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