Saturday, November 6, 2010

DIY Christmas Ideas

It's that time of year again... where we start trying to think of good christmas gifts to give the special people in our lives.  Here are some Do It Yourself Christmas ideas that may make a special gift and maybe save you some money in the process.

Gift Ideas

Tea Bag Wallet with a box of tea.  This tea bag wallet has actually been quite popular on this site.  It's easily one of the most visited tutorials.   The wallet is filled with a few tea bags, and gifted with a box of the recipients favorite tea.  I also added a note about what the wallet is for.   Also, it doesn't require too much fabric so the cost of materials will not be high.

Marshmallow Gun and a bag of marshmallows.  For the kids or kid at heart recipients, the marshmallow gun is a fun gift to give out.  Just be warned, you may be targeted. Best make yourself a gun as well. I saw these selling at a fair for $10. Making your own saves you quite a bit.

Loom Knit Scarf and Beanie.  These make nice warm gifts for the winter season.

Ribbon Bookmarks and a journal or book. This would be a good gift for a reader or writer in your list.

Tote bag and a gift card to the grocery store.  For the environment friendly folks, a reusable tote bag to use for groceries would go a long way. Pick a fabric that they're sure to like and they'll love how personal the gift is.  Here's a list of many other tote bag patterns.

A couple of reusable sandwich wraps and a gift card to the grocery store works well for your sandwich loving friends.  Also, depending on the size of your gift, you may be able to use it to wrap your gift.

Easy Wine Glass Charms and a set of wine glasses, or maybe a bottle of wine.  This is great for the entertainer or wine connoisseur in your list.

Cookie and Soup Mixes in a Jar  These are great gifts for those that like to dabble in the kitchen. There are tons of different recipes to try out that aren't just cookies or soups. However, I would warn that you may want to try them out before you give them to your friends.

Homemade Fudge -- Tho some might not agree to giving me or some of my friends fudge, it's a wonderful gift to give.  What's not too like... sweets, and chocolate. mmmmm. Nuf Said.

Crochet a throw... or the edge of one.

Crochet a package of dishtowels and/or potholders

Friendship bracelets

Gift accessories

Gift Card Wallet.  This gift card wallet makes giving gift cards a bit more personal than just handing over a small plastic card.  You can also use the wallet as a way to give jewelry or other small items.

Easy to Sew Cinch bag.  These make nice gift bags that can be reused over and over again.

Fabric Gift Tags This adds a nice homemade touch to any gift.

Wooden Gift Tags. These are super easy and really cute.  Also you can buy wooden shapes that are already painted to make it even easier. :) Use a paint pen to add the name and you're golden.

Cute Ribbon Flowers These can be added on to any gift to give it a special touch.

Plumeria Nylon Flowers I, sometimes like making nylon flowers and putting them on gifts because they just look nice.  I believe has poinsettia kits that would be perfect for christmas gifts.

Magazine Bows This is a great way to recycle those old magazines.

For Our Dog Friends

Fleece Rope Toys and another
Easy to Sew Pet bed  This tutorial is just awesome for making a pet bed for any pampered dog or cat.
A jar of dog biscuits. Just make sure they're distinctively shaped for dogs... don't want any confusions. hehe.

For Our Cat Friends

DIY Scratcher Time to go dumpster diving for your cat friends. A pile of cardboard can turn into this cool scratcher for the kitty of your list. Better they scratch cardboard than your furniture, or you.
Mice toys - I gave a couple of these to my sister's cat last year.  So fun to watch her play with them. Haha... Ah, the memories.  My sister had said before that her cat didn't really react to catnip, so I added a bit extra, probably don't need to do that next time. Cats with catnip are funny. :)

Other gifts for pets

Lots of other Crafty ideas from 

Joann's Fabrics Projects Page
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Happy Crafting!

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